Alfa Romeo Giulia brings together design, power and innovation all thanks to a series of patented technologies combined with the use of lightweight materials to deliver unique and unmistakeable driving excitement. The Q2 or Q4 systems and the IBS brake by wire system are all processed in real time through the Chassis Domain Control. The all aluminum Alfa™ Link Suspension System ensures excellent dynamic driving behavior and unique handling.
The front suspension features a double-wishbone system with semivirtual steering axis that keeps the wheels perfectly perpendicular to the road even on the most intense curves. The rear suspension, a Multilink system with four and a half links, guarantees the best of both worlds between lateral grip and comfort, on uneven surfaces.
The Alfa™ Active Suspension dynamically adjusts the vehicle response according the mode selected with the Alfa™ DNA selector : a softer shock absorbing setting for a more comfortable ride, or a more rigid setting for more precise sporty driving. The excellent driving dynamics of the Alfa Romeo Giulia are the fruit of specific design choices. Among these is the adoption of a front, longitudinal engine, linked to the rear drive, providing perfect weight distribution.
All with the added benefit of driving pleasure. Thanks to the constant developments in aerodynamics and our in-depth wind tunnels tests, Giulia is equipped with a built-in aero splitter, specifically studied to improve airflow underneath the body of the car and optimise management of the rear drive. This is why Giulia's CX score is 0.26.
The integrated drive with Alfa Romeo Q4 all-wheel drive technology unites maximum safety and superior performance, with an ideal real-time distribution of the front and rear axles, all in response to the real road conditions and the commands of the driver.
Simple and intuitive so you’re enjoyment of driving an Alfa Romeo Giulia is not interrupted. The new infotainment system has been completely redesigned and enriched with a 8.8” touchscreen display.

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